Josh Frankenhuis

How I went from size XL to size Small in only 6 months

I found myself overweight and hating how I looked. I joined the Kosloff Method and with my mentor Allegra and with lots of will power, I lost over 60 lbs in half a year.
Today, about a year later, I have adopted this lifestyle and program habits and I continue to feel strong and healthy and just as important, I feel so happy and confident, even loving how I look.

I’ve reduced my body fat from 31% to 13.5% and it continues to decrease.
Because I exercise regularly, I can eat more often and I actually enjoy eating healthy.
I cook with very little oil, I eat many kinds of vegetables, I only eat egg whites and prefer 9% fat yellow cheese.
I truly understand the importance of taking care of my body and would like to thank Alegra from the Kosloff Program for leading me to my best and healthiest life! 🏋️‍♀️

your sincerely
Josh Frankenhuis