How to Lead a Weight Loss Support Group

Leading weight-loss groups is such a rewarding career!

Helping a person transform in the ways she desires.
Watching a person become happier and more beautiful, like a flower reaching its peak bloom.
Earning an income and endless gratitude for your work as a group leader.
I can’t think of a better career in the world.
This book is the first and only guidebook that teaches you how to lead a weight-loss support group.
Is it your dream to have an exciting, satisfying career that can help you control your weight? This book you are holding is the first step toward realizing that dream. I accompany you every step of the way, and in turn you will help others realize their dreams.

This book is one of a kind – no others have been written on the topic

The five meeting descriptions in this book are written in the spoken language you would use with a weight-loss group. Each meeting includes an exercise, a weekly menu, and tips for the group leader.

You will learn the secrets of leading a successful weight-loss support group:

  • How to start your first group
  • How to motivate the participants
  • How to transform a collection of strangers into a warm, supportive group
  • How to encourage participants who have had a bad week to continue

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