Story Time: A puzzling phenomenon

First principle: Hunger is weight loss’s worst enemy.
When we starve ourselves, we fuel cravings for high-calorie foods. To defeat hunger, participants in our groups eat five regular meals throughout the day. For lunch and dinner, we eat a large quantity and great variety of vegetables. This doesn’t mean we eat grass to lose weight. We have wonderful pies, moussaka, zucchini quiche, stir-fried vegetables with chicken, and more. It’s important to prepare delicious vegetable dishes that inspire persistence.

Second principle: Exercise
Not a lot – just half an hour – but every day! Exercise should be just like brushing your teeth before you go to bed. The evening arrives – you’ve been working hard, and you have no energy for anything except lounging in front of the TV? That’s the time to muster all your will power, put on your sneakers, and go out for a half-hour walk. You’ll come back refreshed and energized, and you’ll enjoy a better night’s sleep.

Third Principle: Group meetings
Studies have shown that the best way to lose weight is with a support group. Find a group that’s friendly, fun, intimate, supportive, and most importantly, smart about weight-loss strategy. This will keep you coming back every week (to us, to us…). Apparently, humans are social creatures. Many people call us asking for a one-on-one session, explaining that they don’t work well in groups. We always invite them to a first meeting with no obligations. Once they join a group, they realize it’s not as bad as they thought, and most importantly – they lose weight! It works. The topics discussed at our group meetings are varied and empowering. In order to maintain an intimate atmosphere, no new participants are added once the group meetings start, so none of the content has to be repeated.

Fourth Principle: Healthy eating
When people lose weight on extreme diets (for example, the cabbage soup diet), they don’t learn any new eating habits. When the diet is over, they return to their old habits, and in most cases (statistics suggest 95%) they will regain all the weight they lost. With our method, 50% of people who lose weight maintain their new weight for years. How? We don’t punish ourselves. We only talk about today. Every day is special, and you only need to succeed this one day. Every day you have a short assignment and eat balanced and healthy meals. What a great feeling it is to take care of your own health! Unfortunately we can’t promise a weight-loss program that includes eating sweets. But we do make sure every participant eats the most balanced and healthy menu that supports weight loss. And we do guarantee delicious and healthy menus that reduce cravings for sweets.

Fifth Principle: Controlling what we say
Whoever wants to gain weight should talk about how amazingly good junk food is and toss in some bad comments about vegetables once in a while. If you want to lose weight, on the other hand, you have to control what you say. Stop focusing on fattening foods. In the Kosloff Method group meetings, we learn how to avoid words that make us reach for junk.

Sixth Principle: Private weigh-ins
At our group meetings, the mentor weighs each participant privately, one at a time. We don’t share the participants’ weight, or how much they lost that week, with the group. Weighing in is important. If you decide to lose weight on your own, weigh yourself exactly once a week. And write down your results!

Seventh Principle: In it for the long run
Losing 50 pounds in 20 days is only possible in commercials. In real life, you need at least six months to lose 50 pounds and sometimes it can take a year. That’s why it’s important to go through the process calmly, with a friendly support group. Think of it as an after-school activity, just like the ones kids go to. With the Kosloff Method, meetings are held on a weekly basis for five to six months. Then we switch to meetings every other week. The group goes through an entire year together, experiencing the holidays and other events and always encouraging each other to keep up newly acquired habits.

Eighth Principle: Phone consultations
As part of the Kosloff Method, the group mentor calls participants when she notices they are in need of encouragement, and participants can call and ask for help when they need it. Our mentors go the extra mile to support each and every participant.

Ninth Principle: First meeting with no strings attached
The first meeting isn’t just an introduction – it’s a meaningful discussion that includes lots of weight-loss tips, at the end of which participants receive a  weekly menu. After this first session, about two thirds of the attendees come back for the second meeting. This way the people who end up joining the group have a more serious attitude and are more willing to put in the effort.

Tenth Principle: Finding ways to indulge that don’t involve food
We talk about emotional eating and developing mindfulness about food. We learn to eat when we are hungry and find new ways to pamper ourselves without eating. We strive to change our priorities. Yes, it’s time to put Y-O-U first. In fact, deep inside you know how to eat healthy – we get you to a place where you can follow that knowledge. “What’s the most fun part about losing weight?” we ask our participants. They always point out the wonderful feeling of control they have over their eating, their newfound self-confidence, the compliments they receive from people in their lives, and the luxurious feeling of shopping for smaller clothes.

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