Cynthia t Soloway from Miami Florida wrote!

Just a note to all those who are considering to take the Kosloff method “public” in your community.
I am in Miami and heard about the diet through friends who had been very successful on the diet. Like many of my friends and women of my age, I have been on every diet imaginable. There were many things that attracted me to the Kosloff diet (I.e. that it was based on a Mediterranean Diet, eating 5 meals a day, etc.). I joined an online group and quickly was convinced of how effective it was.
As a social worker, I understood why this diet works well for women. Women work best when they work together in a group. I used this new book as a guide. I could not have had the courage to start a group here in Miami if I had not had the book as my blueprint.
Not only did it provide weekly menus and recipes, but more importantly each chapter had a theme and suggested activities that revolved around an aspect of dieting. Everything is clearly laid out. No second guessing. Anyone who is interested in starting a group using the Kosloff Method will be able to do so effectively and with ease. Yaffa offers activities, amazing stories that are relevant to each week’s topic and many suggestions as to how to encourage participation by group members.

Thanks to Yaffa’s book, I was able to begin the program here in Miami and create a group here that is cooperative, interactive, enthusiastic and, most importantly, successfully losing weight and feeling great!

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