Salads with a rainbow of colors look prettier, and are better for you!

סלט חמישה צבעים

A salad made from a variety of colors.
For example, a salad that consists of arugula leaves, lettuce, purple cabbage, carrot, kohlrabi, and tomatoes.

Maintaining a varied, colorful diet ensures you are receiving all of the essential types of vitamins and phytochemicals. Phytochemicals are chemical compounds produced by plants (‘phyto’ means plant in Greek). These nutrients have many health benefits: they serve as antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents and help prevent bacterial and viral infections. Studies have shown that phytochemicals stimulate the immune system, regulate cholesterol levels, reduce blood pressure, and more.

Salads with a rainbow of colors like red, orange, green, white, and purple, contain an abundant variety of textures and tastes, look prettier, and are better for you!

Every fruit or vegetable contains its own set of phytochemicals that give it vibrant color and healthy properties. Tomatoes have lycopene, carrots have beta-carotene, lutein is found in leafy greens, allicin is found in the white group of vegetables, and purple vegetables have anthocyanin.

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